Friday, May 12, 2006

Wrap up- the week's projects come together

mod cool

This week we made eggshell vases and astro turf placemats.
Today, I'm going to show how to tie the two together and create a really fun, Mod/kitschy place setting. Obviously, you don't have to copy it exactly, or even use the same color scheme. My point here more is to plant the seed for a general idea and have fun with it. Best of all, similar looks can be created for practically nothing. Usually the cleaner and simpler the design of something, the more high end it looks, no matter how much it cost. Below I've combined plain white dinner plates from Ikea, an orange melamine cup and saucer that Dan's had forever, flowers cut from the front yard and Ikea silverware that we got for a song at the Salvation Army.

mod cool


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