Sunday, May 21, 2006

Getting Crunky, cocky roosters and used books...

get crunky

As an LA native, I have a lot of favorite local spots. I thought it'd be fun to share these treasures once in a while with everyone and spread the good word.

One of the best places to get not only the tastiest, but most variety of Japanese restaurants in LA is on Sawtelle Boulevard, between Olympic and Santa Monica.
My family and I have been going for years to a place called Hurry Curry, which serves delicious Japanese style curry at great prices. About a block and a half down is Asahi Ramen, famous for it's ramen noodles. I'm not a ramen gal myself, but I love their gyoza and sara udon.

There are at least half a dozen other restaurants there, along with some wonderful Japanese import shops that sell beautiful and well priced tableware, silk kimonos, slippers and gifts. There is also a Japanese market and a wonderful little Japanese version of the 99 cent store called Tokyo 99 Plus that sells all sorts of fun things like Japanese candies (including the delicious and fabulously-named Crunky bar) stickers, bento boxes, toys and hello kitty paraphenalia, almost all at under $5! This is a fantastic place to put together last minute gifts.

This little stretch of Sawtelle also boasts some great clothing/shoe shopping. Black Market carries a well edited selection of indie designers for men and women (including Gentille Fille) and right next door is an awesome sneaker store (who's name escapes me at the moment) that carries vintage, old school and limited edition kicks. The world famous Giant Robot is just a little ways down, and also has an art gallery and restaurant across the street.

As you move up closer to Santa Monica Boulevard, you'll pass some beautiful plant nurseries, and sooner or later end up at Alias Books. Alias is a used and rare bookstore with a cozy atmosphere and a great selection. (Dan and I left today with about 10 books between us!) Keep your eyes peeled for the rooster and hen who live across the street at the auto body shop and are often gracious enough to pose for pics to amuse us city folk.


Blogger Laura-Marie said...

I love Japanese curry! I want to go to these places!

12:16 PM  
Blogger dandan said...

Mmmmm. Crunky is so good.

12:48 PM  
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